Are you renting and don't think you can own a home? Think again.

We have some amazing properties available in the Cedar Rapids area.

The floor plan is the jumping off point for every new home.

We can help you get into a home you love even if you have poor credit.

Thanks to Thomas Dostal Developers,
Owning a Home is Closer Than You Think

Cedar Rapids, IA

Are you renting an apartment and don't think you can own a home? Tired of those ever-increasing monthly rent payments? Feel like home ownership is a long way off?

The choice to buy a home or continue paying rent can be a difficult financial decision. While many people believe that home ownership for them is in the distant future, it may actually be a lot closer. In fact, the amount of money spent on a mortgage payment can be about the same - and in some cases less - than their current rent payment.

At Thomas Dostal Developers, we strive to help people in the Cedar Rapids, IA, area realize their dream of owning a custom built home at an affordable price. With our Rent Busters program, we work to save you money while building you a home you love, at a price you can afford.

Your budget and satisfaction are our top priority - we're not in business to build you something you can't afford, so we won't. When you build a home with Thomas Dostal Developers, we will walk you through the home building process step-by-step, ensuring that you feel comfortable and never go over budget. Additionally, we help you prioritize your wants and needs to make sure you can afford the home you love, and that you'll love the home you can afford!

So, why keep renting? Start building the home of your dreams today. Call Thomas Dostal Developers at 319-777-2310!

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